Substance Abuse & Eating Disorder Therapy in Plano, TX


Someone getting help from a substance abuse counselor in Plano, TX


  I have worked in treatment centers for both Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders, helping adolescents, adults, and families. My work has extended to help with other addictions as well, including gambling, sex addiction, and co-dependency. Many of the clients I've worked with in these settings have co-occurring disorders, and I've addressed those in conjunction with the primary issue. I am passionate about working with this population. I know that each person is different and requires a treatment approach tailored to their needs. If you think you might be struggling with one of these areas, let me provide you with a safe space in which you can discover that there is a solution, and that you can live it!


 I am a Certified Level II ETT™ therapist. I use ETT™ which is a break-through therapy modality that incorporates light, color wavelengths, and eye movements with the goal of re-programming neural network connections to relieve emotional distress (as well as the emotional component of physical pain) at an accelerated pace. When clients experience difficult emotional or physical states, or feel stuck with certain thoughts, emotions, memories, or life situations, ETT™ uses visual stimulation and verbal cues that target neural impulses in the brain to rapidly reduce these symptoms. I have used ETT to assist with:   

∙ trauma & PTSD ∙ substance abuse ∙ eating disorders ∙ depression ∙ anxiety ∙ grief ∙ physical pain ∙ ADHD ∙ co-dependency ∙ shame ∙ anger management ∙ spiritual matters  


   ACT is a therapeutic approach that is research-based. Often with psychological problems, the ways in which an individual thinks, experiences, and interprets the world becomes rigid. This mode of therapy is used to create psychological flexibility. ACT poses that in life, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. It uses six core processes, which include Acceptance, Cognitive Defusion, Mindfulness, Self as Context, Values, and Committed Actions. This particular form of therapy has been empirically shown to be effective with addiction.